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How to choose the right shampoo

If you are looking for the perfect shampoo, to have clean, soft and shiny hair, the good news is that it really exists: choose a shampoo based on organic ingredients and delicate surfactants that respect the scalp and give softness and hydration to the hair. When using it, remember to mix a little shampoo with water and apply to damp hair in circular motions. A soft foam will gradually form, not aggressive to the skin and easy to rinse.

How to have beautiful and healthy hair

The first step to having beautiful hair is to follow a balanced and varied diet: it is indeed important to combine the action of products such as shampoo and conditioner with the antioxidants that nature gives us in every season in the form of food. It then uses a modest amount of emulsion for washing. Usually, a nut of shampoo and a nut of conditioner are enough to guarantee excellent results. The delicate moisturizing and illuminating shampoo by Oro di Spello is enriched with organic extra virgin olive oil, panthenol and organic green tea leaf extracts to protect the balance of the hair. Do not make the mistake of using too hot water for rinsing, you could end up with dull and brittle hair. Always use lukewarm water and when drying, pat gently.

How to treat curly and frizzy hair

Frizz is often difficult to manage because it reveals dry, brittle and dull hair. The solution is: moisturize. The Oro di Spello hair line is as minimal as it is effective. In the delicate shampoo and nourishing conditioner, you find a rich mix of organic oils, plant extracts and functional ingredients that nourish the hair and prevent irritation and flaking of the scalp, ensuring clean and silky hair. The nourishing conditioner , in particular, detangles and deeply nourishes frizzy, curly, dull hair and exhausted, and has an intense restructuring action. Organic extra virgin olive oil, organic sweet almond oil and organic camellia oil, with protective and repairing properties, are able to regenerate the hair structure for a surprising result.