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What is the olfactory pyramid

To understand which perfume is right for you, you need to know the olfactory pyramid. Each perfume consists of three notes: the top notes are perceived immediately after spraying the fragrance and are the most volatile, the heart notes are released after a few minutes and are the most intense ones that leave the perfume trail. The base notes emerge at the end and are the most persistent: the personality of the perfume is expressed precisely by the latter. The inFiore eau de parfum stands out for its sweet fruity top note, which opens to a floral heart of lily of the valley and violet. The woody and soft base gives depth and persistence.

How to put the perfume on

The basic rule is not to overdo the quantity. You can apply the perfume in traditional places like the neck or wrists, and for some special occasion, you can spray the perfume on the hair too for a more enveloping effect. Be careful not to make it a habit as alcohol tends to damage your hair. If you wear accessories such as scarves and foulards, spray a little perfume on the fabric, taking care to keep a certain distance so as not to create halos.

How to make perfume last longer

The secret to leaving your mark with a delicate trail is to spray the perfume in the five hot spots of the body: neck, nape, behind the earlobes, décolleté, wrists. In this way, the natural heat will spread the scent and if you have chosen an eau de parfum, you will only have to limit yourself to a few sprays to let yourself be enveloped by a sensual scented trail throughout the day. For women, the best place to spray perfume is the base of the neck. For men, the trick to making perfume last is to apply it behind the ears.