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An all-Italian beauty story

There is a story of beauty that begins with the link with the green Umbrian land and the centuries-old tradition of olive cultivation. The olive tree, a noble and tenacious plant, emblem of the Umbrian genius loci, is at the origin of the precious golden essence from which Oro di Spello extracts an unprecedented idea of ​​beauty based on the authenticity of the relationship with the raw material and the achievement of well-being which is first and foremost a lifestyle.
The Spello Gold Oil, produced by the Frantoio di Spello Uccd, comes from one of the most characteristic cultivars of the Umbrian territory: the moraiolo variety, which embodies about ninety percent of the historical olive-growing heritage in the belt between Assisi and Spoleto, extending up to the Terni basin. Among the peculiarities of the cultivar, the optimal acid composition of its fruits stands out, with a concentration of oleic acid equal to seventy-five percent and a high content of polyphenols.
Scientific research has shown that olive oil has a natural fat composition very similar to the skin’s sebum, which is why it has the best affinity to the lipid layer of the skin *. It has the ability to significantly slow down skin aging, carrying out an emollient and moisturizing action.

Not just oil but fruits and flowers

An uncontaminated territory of rare beauty: this is Spello. Thanks to the particular climate and a soil rich in stone and red earth, a luxuriant and fertile nature produces a wide range of plant species. Flowers and fruits exceptionally rich in polyphenols, real natural antioxidants.

Tradition, research and science

Engaged for years in dermocosmetic research, we have treasured what this place has offered and taught us. The active ingredients of our products come from the purest organic vegetable ingredients of our territory and from the world-famous extra virgin olive oil of Spello, but it is thanks to science that our exclusive formulas are made with cutting-edge technologies, and produced after rigorous quality tests. All Oro di Spello products are dermatologically tested.
Oro di Spello is a complete line of eco-bio dermocosmetic products, which every year is enriched with new insights, thanks to creativity and new technologies. A UNIQUE line like the strong and delicate force of nature. PRECIOUS, like the most natural and pure ingredients. BEAUTIFUL, of an all-Italian beauty.

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